13:05    04 December, 2019.   Reconstruction of the track and field arena

Reconstruction of the track and field arena

Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klichko, together with his brother Volodymyr, opened the athletics arena after the reconstruction of the Kyiv City School of Higher Sports Skill in Bereznyaki.
Manege is 40 years, after the reconstruction of the area of ​​the arena appeared a modern hall with stands for 300 seats, training rooms, in particular, with treadmills. There is a platform for long jumps. And also - boxing, table tennis and free wrestling halls, new changing rooms and showers.
More than 1.3 thousand units of professional sports equipment manufactured in Ukraine, Europe and the USA have been purchased for the arena.
Sensors built into the arena cover calculate circles when running for 3-5 km. There is also a false start and photo finish system that allows you to track the results of a large number of competitors. The scoreboard automatically displays the result of the competition. Modern security alarms and video surveillance are on site.
The building of the arena is energy efficient and has modern ventilation and heating systems. Conditions have been created for the comfortable movement of people with disabilities. Improvement of the area around the sports area was also carried out In terms of equipment, the athletic manege on Berezniaky metro st. can claim certification for national and international competitions.
In the updated arena, the Olympians, members of national teams, well-known athletes and wrestlers are already training. But access to the arena will be available to students and all active residents of Kiev, who are engaged in fitness, wellness and amateur sports. The arena is open from 6 am to 10 pm.

13:05    07 October, 2019.   Exhibition "Weapons and Security"

ExhibitionWeapons and Securit

Dear Customers.
We invite you to visit the 16th International Specialized Exhibition "Weapons and Security - 2019", attended by UKRinosystems. The exhibition will be held in Kyiv from 08.10 to 11.10, 2019 at the International Exhibition Center at Brovarsky Prospekt 15 (Livoberezhna).
The exhibition "Weapons and Security" is held in the format of two main sections:
Within the military part of the exhibition the following segments will be presented:
- Weapons and equipment for the soldier on the battlefield;
- Land Forces Equipment and Weapons;
- Arms and equipment of law enforcement agencies;
- Means of providing border control;
- Military aviation.
The civilian part of the exposition will traditionally be represented by a wide assortment (in the price range and by the number of world famous brands) of hunting, sporting, historical and cold weapons, goods of tactical purpose, for hunting and active rest.